Tired of sitting around while the politicians consult the ‘experts’.

Seems like they never consider any other expert opinions, just the one that gave us this mess. I am sure that if this were a business, and the employees were whining and complaining like the public is now, you would say at the next board meeting, “maybe we should get a second opinion”.

Further, if you do not agree 100% with what these so called experts say, you are blocked, deleted, lose a few friends along the way, and generally are considered a far-right conspiracy theorist.

I am sick of it. Somebody with some clout stand up to lead us, and get this thing over with. You will have hundreds of thousands of followers and supporters, so get at it.


My first Blog…. Wonder who is going to see it, and how to get it out there.

Not that I have anything earth-shattering to say, but I do have complaints and suggestions … hope that’s good enough.

So, lets get started:

    Complaint: Trudeau

    Solution: Unite behind the Conservative party, but also hope the Conservatives get their act together. Erin has waddled from his initial stance on all manner of policy. They have a meeting in a few days to publish the new Conservative Policies for the upcoming Federal election.

    Here’s hoping it gets back to Conservative roots.

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