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So, the GOVERNMENT, in their wisdom has made three choices in the change of direction of vaccines:

1.    Ignoring proper temperature storage of a certain make of vaccine.

2.    Ignoring recommendations of NOT administering to people of 65 of a certain make vaccine.

3.    Ignoring the recommended time lapse between doses of two-shot vaccines.

I suppose, in so doing, that they may be able to get more people vaccinated in time for the next Federal election. Everybody will so please with the government for getting the vaccination program so far along.

If you accept this, you are an idiot, and shouldn’t even bother voting. Give this some thought before you stick an “X” next to the Liberal representative in your riding, eh?!?!

So, the Liberals put forward bill C-21, with updated information on gun confiscation from their Order-in-Council move of last spring. So, lets not worry about the wording in this right now, lets move on to something else, related.

This is how Turdeau and the Liberal Party ARE NOT MAKING CANADA SAFER FOR ANY CITIZEN:

- The liberals defeated a motion last week that would make harsher penalties for a variety of gun crime.

- (The Bill-C21 includes banning of air-soft guns and BB guns … yep, you read it right!)

- Will let municipalities ban hand guns (what???? The Fed’s say we can have them, and now the City says you can’t???) Something simply has to be illegal.

- nothing here will stop criminals from getting and using guns.

And then two days later they introduce C-22:

- Bill C-22, does this:

Mandatory minimum sentences are being removed for:

– Use of firearm in commission of offence

– Possession of restricted or prohibited weapon knowing possession is unauthorized

– Possession of loaded handgun

– Possession of weapon obtained through crime

– Weapons trafficking

– Unauthorized import/export of firearm

– Illegal discharge of a firearm with intent

– Robbery with firearm

– Extortion with firearm

The Liberals, however, and saying they have increased penalties for gun crime! Show me where??

Really, I mean really???? Removing this minimum MANDATORY sentencing, because, as they go on to say, it kinda trapped a lot of people into harsh sentences that just, kinda, made a bit of a mistake, and they shouldn’t be punished so hard!!!

What the hell are they thinking!

Wait a minute, if minimum sentences are thrown out, maybe all the gun owners should just sell their now banned guns on the street. I mean, geeez, what are you gonna get, 3 months of house arrest? Think about this for a minute. ……I leave it with you. And no, this is not a threat, just an observation I am pointing out. Yep, just an observation.

This country is so strange at the moment, I am almost wordless. 

- Gun confiscations (now, without any ‘grandfathering’ option) 

- Parliament turns down harsher penalties to the Criminal Code for violators that posses smuggled guns … really, DEFEATED IT!

- thinking of ‘forced vaccinations’ for citizens - did I hear that right? And now forced residency at  a secret ‘hotel’ for travellers with unproven Covid negative tests.

- COVID free passports … Really?

- crackdowns/arrests on free assembly and demonstrations in Nathan Phillips square.

- 1 trillion dollar deficit, and climbing

- billions of dollars in infrastructure projects, and they cannot list even ONE.

- Trudeau given 30 days to make a decision on Huawei 5G …. That deadline has passed with no indications of anything. Who the hell does he answer to? Nobody obviously.

- total incompetence on the part of the Health Minister and the Prime Minister, for failing to keep necessary health safety inventory, yet no one is held responsible or dismissed. And now the problems with the vaccination rollout. Fail that badly at work and see what happens!

- playing patty-cake with China, letting our two un-charged Canadians rot in a Chinese prison - thanks Canada - and inviting the PLA to train here too … cripe!

- no published plan for the future of Canada after COVID. Even I have a plan!

You must certainly see and know what is going on in Canada lately. Prime Minister Trudeau and his hand picked leaders are dragging this country downhill so fast, a slow turnaround will not fix it.

I don’t even need to list the ways, if you read any news or social media.

And now we have the gun craziness … confiscation from legal, law-abiding registered owners! Just stupid. What a great place for organized crime Canada is going to be. You think any security system or a phone call to the police will get them to your place in time? No way!

So, our current (and future) problems are:


    Islamophobia ?

    Reduced Immigration checks

    Sex education for our 5 year olds

(You’re seven now. Do you want to be a boy or girl?)

    Confiscation of ALL guns (look at Germany under the Nazi’s to see what happened there, along with famous move by Pol Pot, to name just one). The state will protect us! FROM WHO! We need protection from the STATE!


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We, the Citizens of Canada - lost, losing faith, and really, really getting pissed-off

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